Documenting everything BIG and small.

Wedding Photographer based in Boise, ID, USA
Hi! My name is Ian Schott! I'm a wedding photographer based in Boise, Idaho. My goal is to give you timeless photos that will look great for years to come. I want to deliver you, not the air brushed version of you. Sure, I’ll remove a pimple in post, but I want the photos of you to be you. Not an imitation or a “perfected you”, because I assure you, you are perfect and your partner believes so too. I love taking beautiful photos, and weddings are full of beauty. From the gorgeous couple to be wed, to the old lovers celebrating their love with them. Toddlers being adorable, kids being silly and teenagers being shocked by just how weird their parents can get. I want to capture and document it all. I'd love to hear from you and discuss all the possibilities for capturing your special day. Let's create a collection of beautiful photos that you can look back on and smile.
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